Hydraulic Hose – International Standardized, Completed, Strictly Controlled

Qianli is a company, which owns more than 20 years’ manufacturing and exporting experience, is a leading supplier of completed hydraulic hoses, including high pressure, medium pressure and low pressure hydraulic hoses.

Completed Products are prepared for all your needs
As we all know, the hydraulic hoses have wide ranges of applications, which will be complex, specific and individual.

  • Standard hydraulic hose. We can supply you all standard hydraulic hoses, including rubber or thermoplastic inner tube types, spiral or braid reinforcement types, steel or fiber reinforcement types, rubber or steel wire braid covers. They hep to maintain a consistent and reliable flow of liquid while protecting the overall assembly from breaking down as a result of wear or abrasion.
  • Customized solutions. Except that, we can supply a total solution for customers who need specific and customized solutions to their projects.
  • Associated accessories. Moreover, rubber hose fittings and associated accessories can be supplied for one-stop purchase and save your valuable time.
A steel wire braided cover, a fiber braided reinforcement core, a steel wire braided reinforcement and two thermoplastic inner core hydraulic hoses.

Standardized Production eliminates your worries
All the products are produced under International standard and strict quality control system.

  • International standard. They are strictly manufactured as the following standards: American SAE, German DIN, Russian GOST, Britain BS and international ISO standard.
  • Standardized production line. Production lines are strictly controlled by standardized principles. Advanced equipment and skilled workers can reduce production losses and improve production efficiency to save cost.
  • Strict test system monitor. Multiple test equipment will monitor the quality before, being and after production. The products will be test and retest before loading.
  • Perfect Package. Products are perfectly packed for protecting rubber hoses from corrosion and abrasion damages.
Several workers are operating equipment, several equipment in the workshop, two testing equipment and a worker is wrapping rubber hoses.

If you want to more about hydraulic hoses, you can contact us via sales@thehydraulichose.com, we are looking forward to establish long term cooperation with all our customers.

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