Single and double wire braid hydraulic hoses system

We provide hydraulic hoses used in pressure as well as supply hydraulic hose with wire braid for high temperature.

Wire braid hydraulic hoses can be divided into many types according to the layer number. Here we will introduce two kinds of wire braid hydraulic hoses that are widely used in the markets. They are namely single wire braid hose and double wire braid hose.

Steel wire braided hoses can be used to transport petrochemicals and hydraulic fluids under relatively high pressures and temperatures. In addition, oil-resistant wire braided hoses can provide flexible connections between steel pipes in hydraulic systems. They can find their applications in the fields of mine hydraulic bracket, automatic hydraulic systems of oil field exploiting machine, mine projects and other industrial sectors, especially used as jackhammer component. It can withstand in the temperature of -40°C to +100°C, and the maximum temperature can be +125°C. Also the surface of steel wire braided hydraulic hose can be two types including smooth and fabric surface.

smooth and fabric cover surfaces of wire braid hydraulic hose single wire braid hydraulic hose with fabric cover surface
Two different cover surfaces of wire braid hydraulic hose Single wire braided hydraulic hose on a white background


In order to provide flexible connections in hydraulic systems plumbed with steel tubing or steel pipe single wire braid hoses have a rubber tube, a single layer of braided steel wire and a rubber cover.

Construction: The single wire braid hydraulic hose is made of oil resistant synthetic rubber lining, single wire braid reinforcement and oil, fuel and abrasion resistant rubber cover.

Nominal specifications:

3/16 5 11.8 3630 250 0.17
1/4 6 13.4 3270 225 0.22
5/16 8 15 3120 215 0.25
3/8 10 17.4 2610 180 0.33
1/2 13 20.6 2320 160 0.42
5/8 16 23.7 1890 130 0.51
3/4 19 27.7 1530 105 0.65
1 25 35.6 1280 88 1.05
1-1/4 32 43.5 920 63 1.19
1-1/2 38 50.6 730 50 1.61
2 51 64 580 40 2.05


Double wire braid hydraulic hose with reinforcement layers
Double wire braids hydraulic hose on the white background

When the single wire braid hose cannot provide a measure of safety then a second layer of wire braiding is added. And there are two reasons to consider for this: the extra wire provides for higher working pressure, and the interior braid is still protected if the hose cover has been damaged and the exterior braid may rust and fail. This is an important consideration where hoses are subject to external damage and then left out in the weather (for example the farm machinery). Double wire braid hydraulic hose is widely used in the daily life and industry because of its features of moderate price, large scope of applications and providing of a measure of safety.

This product can bear very high temperature, pressure and vacuum. All possibilities of burst have been reduced to a great extent because of the fabrication of the second wire braid.

Double wire braid hydraulic hose construction: It is made of synthetic rubber lining of oil resistant, two wire braid reinforcement separated by synthetic rubber layer, and synthetic rubber cover that is oil, fuel, weather and abrasion resistant.

Nominal specifications:

3/16 5 13.4 6000 420 0.29
1/4 6 15 5800 400 0.35
5/16 8 16.7 5000 350 0.39
3/8 10 19.1 4800 330 0.51
1/2 13 22.2 4000 280 0.62
5/8 16 25.4 3630 250 0.76
3/4 19 29.3 3120 215 0.97
1 25 38.1 2400 165 1.52
1-1/4 32 48.3 1820 125 1.88
1-1/2 38 54.6 1310 90 2.15
2 51 67.4 1160 80 2.95


Inner construction of single wire braid hydraulic hose Double wire braid hydraulic hose with reinforcement layer
The three layers of single wire braid hydraulic hose Small size double wire braids hydraulic hose

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