The detailed description of instruction to repair a hydraulic hose by yourself

Problems arise frequently with the hydraulic hoses in hydraulic systems. And a common problem is leaking hydraulic oil, so if you experience this problem, the only solution is to replace the hydraulic hose. You can make the change by yourself and it allows significant savings in technical service. Therefore we invite you to browse our recommendations for replacing a hydraulic hose.

Leak location
Turn hydraulic unit and determine the location in the leaking hydraulic fluid. It is easy to locate the leak if your traffic is on the dry surface. Make a mark in the part of the system in order to understand exactly what kind of hydraulic hose needs to be replaced. 

Pressure reduction
Release the pressure in the hydraulic system. Turn off the hydraulics and compressed air control switch to the neutral position, which in turn will release the pressure from the system, and will remove the damaged hydraulic hose. 

Prepare a suitable container and place it directly under the hydraulic hose, which you plan to relax. Loose the fitting with a wrench. Do carefully, as the hydraulic oil may still remain in the hydraulic hose. In some cases you need to remove some of the equipment that will prevent the replacement of the hydraulic hose.

Setting hydraulic hose
Remove the damaged hydraulic hose before you install a new hydraulic hose, carefully remove debris from the fittings and aprons. Install a new hydraulic hose in place. 

Test hydraulic hose
If you have enough hydraulic oil in the hydraulic system, observe a few minutes for leaking hydraulic oil in other places. If not, add the hydraulic oil in the hydraulic tank.  Replacement hydraulic hose usually solves the problem of leakage of the hydraulic system. Remind that to replace the hydraulic hose must be used exactly the same type of hydraulic hose, as well as remote. Steps to replace the hydraulic hose are quite simple and you are able to do them for a few minutes. To avoid this problem with the hydraulic hose in the future, routine maintenance of hydraulic equipment is necessary in a timely manner.

Hydraulic hose assembly Hydraulic hose and its accessory get together
Tube and hydraulic hose on connection Tube and hydraulic hose assembled in together

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