Quick Release Thread Protector Protecting Casing Thread

There are three different colors of quick release thread protector.
Quick release thread protector

Quick release thread protector is a tool designed for protecting drilling string thread from abrasion and damage in the process of loading, unloading and transportation in the drill site. It is a kind of manual device with a simple structure. The quick release thread protector is highly resistant to oil, abrasion and corrosion because the main part is made of NBR. It has a solid structure and long life span, and it performs well in protecting casing thread, so it is widely used while drilling works needed.

It is easy to install and remove so that the plastic parts are not easily separated and the threads of the drill pipe are not easily damaged.

It can be locked and unlocked by simply operating the handle to protect the threads.

The operation of quick release thread protector is very simple. Place the quick release thread protector at the end of steel pipe thread and then push the handle firmly toward the steel pipe center and the quick release thread protector is fixed on the pipe. You can take the quick release thread protector off steel pipe by pulling the handle up.


  • Solid structure.
  • Simple structure NBR good rubber.
  • Easy to operate while well drilling.
  • Save time and cost for well drilling.
  • Resistant to oil, abrasion and corrosion for long-life use.


A quick release thread protector drawing.
Quick Release Thread Protector Construction
  • Construction: main body, link stopper and compressor bar
  • Material: NR/NBR
  • Color: Black, yellow, red or as required
  • Standard: API standard
Table 1: Quick Release Thread Protector Technical Specifications
Part No. Size (inch) Weight Part No. Size (inch) Weight
QRTP-001 2-3/8" 1.9 QRTP-011 10-3/4" 9.0
QRTP-002 2-7/8" 2.4 QRTP-012 13-3/8" 10.0
QRTP-003 3-1/2" 3.1 QRTP-013 16" 11.3
QRTP-004 4-1/2" 3.6 QRTP-014 17" 14.0
QRTP-005 5" 4.0 QRTP-015 18-5/8" 15.0
QRTP-006 5-1/2" 4.6 QRTP-016 20" 16.5
QRTP-007 6-5/8" 5.8 QRTP-017 22" 17.3
QRTP-008 7" 6.0 QRTP-018 24" 18.5
QRTP-009 7-5/8" 6.8 QRTP-019 26" 19.1
QRTP-010 8-5/8" 7.5 QRTP-020 30" 20.3
QRTP-011 9-5/8" 8.0 QRTP-021 36" 21.9

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