Standard Parts Substitute for Saving Cost and Higher Performance

Customer sent E-mail to us for seeking the coupling in the following picture. He said that he wanted to purchase 1 set of coupling for his equipment.

A special 90°elbow coupling on the wood board.

Special cast iron 90° elbow coupling type 1.

A special 90°elbow coupling on the wood board.

Special cast iron 90° elbow coupling type 2.

As our experience, it's a special 90° bending coupling, which is need to be customized. As the customer only wanted to purchase 1 set, so it would be very expensive to customized mould. After discussing with our technicians, we recommend a substitute product for our customer. The products are in the following picture.

A stainless steel 90° bending coupling and a half-transparent gasket on the gray background.

Stainless steel 90° bending coupling has movable nut and sealing gasket.

A stainless steel 90°bending coupling on the gray background with plastic sleeve and plastic cap.

Plastic sleeve and cap can prevent corrosion during stocking and transporting.

Why we recommend the brass coupling as substitute?

  • Removable nuts to prevent twist the whole elbow, which make it easy to install in the narrow space.
  • Protective plastic caps and sleeves to prevent corrosion and damage during transporting and stocking.
  • Stainless steel material and thicken coupling wall to prevent transformation and breakage.
  • Electroplating surface for corrosion and rust resistance and long service life.
  • Sealing gaskets are supplied along with products for better leakage prevention.
  • It's a common and popular type, which has stocks for saving cost.

If we can supply customization for our customer?

  • If the order is large. Yes. You should pay for the mould fees in advance. When the order is confirmed, we will feedback the mould fees for you.
  • If the order is small. The mould fees will be very expensive. We will recommend you substitute products for you.

When you contact us, please provide your detail requirements.

That will help us give you a valid quotation.