Different Size Hose Ferrules Connect Various Hydraulic Hose Fittings

The hose ferrule can connect various hydraulic hoses fittings. It is widely used for industrial hoses, especially rubber hydraulic hoses and thermoplastic hoses. There are many types of hose ferrules, and the structural forms of hose ferrules are different for different working environments and conditions.

8 different sizes hose ferrules

Hose ferrules of different sizes

hydraulic fitting and hose ferrule

Hose ferrule is connected to hydraulic hoses together with hydraulic fittings.


Hose ferrule 00110 structure

00110 Ferrule

For SAE 100 R1AT / EN853 1SN HOSE

Hose ferrule 00110A structure

00110-A Ferrule

For SAE 100 R1AT / DIN 20022 1SN HOSE

Hose ferrule 00210 structure

00210 Ferrule

For SAE 100 R2AT / DIN 20022 2SN HOSE

Hose ferrule 03310 structure

03310 Ferrule

For SAE 100 R2AT / DIN 20022 2ST HOSE

Hose ferrule 00400 structure

00400 Ferrule

For 4SP, 4SH / 10 – 16, R12 / 06 – 16 Hose

Hose ferrule 00621 structure

00621 Ferrule

For SAE 100 R5 Hose

Hose ferrule 00TF0 structure

00TF0 Ferrule

For Teflon Hose

Hose ferrule 00018 structure

00018 Ferrule

For SAE 100R7 Hose

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