Quick Connect Hydraulic Adaptor for Easy & Efficient Coupling

Hydraulic adaptor acts as connection between hydraulic hoses, as well as connections between hoses and hydraulic systems such as pumps, valves and hydraulic cylinders. It is used in hydraulic and fluid transfer systems in machinery, oilfield, mining, construction, transportation, food and other industries.


JIC Hydraulic Adaptor Fitting

JIC hydraulic adaptor fitting has a 37° cone on the inner wire joint and a 37° cone face on the outer wire joint. This corn and corn face provide a complete mechanical seal between the outer and inner wire joints with good leak protection without the aid of PTFE tape or pipe coating.

6 packaging male thread JIC hydraulic adaptor fittings

Packaging male thread JIC hydraulic adaptor fitting

13 JIC hydraulic adaptors arranged in two flower shapes.

Male thread JIC hydraulic adaptor fitting

Hex Pipe Nipple & Reducing Hex Nipple

Hex pipe nipples and reducing hex nipples are common pipe fittings used to connect two pipes of the same or different sizes, or to extend the length of a pipe. Hex pipe nipples have a cylindrical shape with external hexagonal flats on both ends, which make them easy to grip and tighten with a wrench. They have male threads on both ends and are used to connect two female-threaded pipes or fittings.

A hex pipe nipple

Hex pipe nipple

A reducing hex nipple

Reducing hex nipple

Hydraulic Adaptors BSP Steel 60 Deg. Cone

An elbow hydraulic adaptor

Elbow hydraulic adaptor

A brass hydraulic adaptor hexagonal thread fitting.

Hex pipe nipple

A female swivel blanking cap

Female swivel blanking cap

Assembled hydraulic adaptor consisting of 3 components

Pipe connection

Hydraulic Adaptor Fittings Connection

Straight female fitting, white washer and hexagonal thread fitting on table

Straight hydraulic adaptor

Hex pipe nipple, straight female fitting and male 90° elbow fitting on table

Elbow hydraulic adaptor

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