Hydraulic hose must be used in a right way and there are the attentions

Considerations of using hydraulic hose

  1. Must be used in the recommended range of temperature and pressure
  2. Hose will be expanded and contracted with internal pressure, please cut the hose into slightly longer than your need length.
  3. When pressure is applied, please slow switch any valve to avoid the shock pressure.
  4. Use hose in its bending radius, otherwise it will cause broken, reduce the resistance to pressure hose.
  5. Using powder, granules according to conditions may have wear phenomenon, please enlarge hose bend radius as far as possible.
  6. Do not use in extreme bending condition when it’s near the metal parts.
  7. Do not direct contact or close proximity to the fire hose.
  8. Please do not use vehicle to step on rubber hose.

For fluid:

  • The hose that to be used to apply to the fluid being conveyed.
  • Before he hose is used for oil, power, toxic chemicals and strong acids or alkali, please consult the product provider.

Precautions of hydraulic hose when it is assembled

  • Please choose the suitable size of hose fitting for hose.
  • When the joint tube end portion is inserted into the hose, paint the hose and pipe tail in oils, do not roast with fire. If it’s unable to insert, heat the hose with hot water and then it will be available insert into the connector.
  • Please make sure the serrated tube tail portion of the connector is completely inserted into the hose.
  • Do not use a joint that can be pushed into for one time, it may cause hose rupture.
  • Please avoid using excessive ligation wire, please choose a special sleeve or cable tie.
  • Avoid using injurious or rusty joints.

Check notes:

  • Check before using: before using the hose please make sure the hose appearance has no abnormal trauma, hardening, softening, and discoloration.
  • Check regularly: during use of the hose please be sure to implement regularly check for once a month.

Security matters:

  • The operator must wear safety protective clothing, including gloves, rubber boots, eye shields, and the equipment to be used mainly to protect the safety of the operators.
  • To ensure the work zone is safety and orderly.
  • To check each hose joint is firm.
  • When not in use, and do not make hose in pressure state. Shut off pressure to extend the service.
Spiral wire hydraulic hose inner construction

01: Spiral wire hydraulic hose longitudinal section

Four spiral wire layer hydraulic hose transverse section

02: Transverse section of four spiral wire hydraulic hose

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